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Chakra Healing – Theta Healing – Dorn Method – Massage Therapy

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Holistic Health Amsterdam

My passion is to help you if you're having a health crises.

Dennis Breedijk

Hi I'm Dennis, 

A holistic practitioner since 2007 and helped a thousands of clients with my touch. I'm always happy to create some space for my clients and try to feel what they really need in the moment.

How long have you been walking around with physical or emotional pain and thinking I'm not going to bother anyone with it? Or you think I've been working on this for so long and nothing works.


I realised after a long time that my problems from the past were not curable with Western health care. So I became curious about alternative medicine.



"Quiet the mind so you can listen what your body has to say."

Dennis Breedijk

My Special Treatments

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Image by alan caishan
Image by Jade Stephens

Theta Healing

Solve old patterns and beliefs by using Theta Healing and coaching. So you can let bring magic into your business, success, relationship or mindset and finally move forward.

It brings clarity, inner power, joy, peace, happiness, growth and forgiveness.


Finally you can letting go old stuff. You can create and start with a new beginning. By testing brain activity and waves scientists find out the positive results.

It's okay to be sceptical because I can work as well with beliefs about this feelings.


Only if you really reject any help based on healing then it will be difficult to start a session with me.

Chakra Healing

Massage Therapy

Have an amazing massage done with care and rhythm. So you feel relaxed and alive.

It can helps in many ways. If you start a new physical training or having injuries. During pregnancy or you've got a burn out etc...

I really feel what's underneath your skin that makes it more interesting. If you only follow a procedure from a book you'll never get the same experience. I had a higher education in this field of body work.

Dorn Method

Align your spine in a safe way. By doing this you'll feel more flexible and create better movements. Many times the pain disappears.

The magic already begins because I'm a master in observing people.


Next step is to really feel deep if the bony part (vertebrae) is twisted to the right or left side.

This has an enormous impact at your nerves and create problems in the muscle areas. Actually the operating signals are disturbed by trapped nerves.


A lot of people have stiffness, pain, nerve reactions or a kind of obstruction in some places near the spine. Makes sense to come now for a session, don't you think?

Boost your energy and immune system

with a special energy flow.

You'll feel energised en very peaceful.

It optimise your health in an incredible way. By using this technique I have the power to getting quick results with any physical problem.



I used it for example for a strained toe. After 5 minutes the pain was gone and after 5 days of healing my dark purple color was disappeared.

My son broke his upper arm in 2019 and after 4 days of healing he could swim with me in the IJ canal.

Of course it helps a lot if people are really receptive and trusting me.


"I had an incredible session with Dennis. I felt completely uplifted and in great spirits afterward.

I could feel my chakras energizing and my body reaching for balance. Highly recommended".

Lina K.

"Dank je wel Dennis voor je compassievolle therapie. Door jouw hulp voel ik meer zelfwaardering en vertrouwen. Ik voel me echt lichter!" 

Ms. A.

"Dennis was recommended to me as I had a persistent sore lower back after falling from my Bakfiets several months ago. Dennis came to my home, took time to massage my back and identify all of my ‘problem areas’ and work at each one of them using the Dorn method.


No cracking or severe movements, just gentle but really effective manual correction and massage. I felt the benefits after the first session, and continued to improve with 2 more Dorn treatments.


I no longer suffer back pain and I sleep comfortably. I highly recommend Dennis grateful to have found you". 

Ailsa Taylor

"I have had back problems for many years and have been to every type of back doctor you could imagine.


Then I came across Dennis and it really has made a difference! Instead of a quick fix approach where in 15 or 30 minutes someone tries to shove the worst aligned vertebrae back into place.


 Dennis takes a very methodical and thorough approach, treating the whole back and making sure everything is properly aligned again.


Would definitely recommend Dennis to anyone with persistent issues in their back"!

Annabelle Vos

"I was carrying unconsciously some blocks in my body. Dennis helped me release some energy and I have been able to breathe better since.


The Theta Healing opened my heart and chest. I highly recommend this practice, thank you Dennis!"

Nathalie R.

I have to be honest that I feel
now that I am ready for a change
and I feel that fear is not so present anymore Iva

-The Theta Healing opened my heart and chest. I highly recommend this practice, thank you Dennis!"  

-Hai Dennis. Ik vond de healing heel prettig. Je vertelde geen gekke dingen, maar des te meer bijzonder dat je dit allemaal wist wat er afspeelde. Naderhand voel ik me veel rustiger, minder druk, minder angsten. Heel fijn. Carina

-On the way back in the train, I was writing my thought/ experience, the first paragraph was "I am trusted. I trust.I am safe.I am surrounded by light, the void, the infinite. I don't need to try, I don't need to choose, it's already there, I just be who I am" Towards the end of the session, I can feel the love, there was a moment I noticed the calmness and space in my heart    L.T..

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