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Dennis Breedijk

Natural Health Specialist

How long have you been walking around with physical or emotional pain and thinking I'm not going to bother anyone with it? Or you think I've been working on this for so long and nothing works. We also live in a society where there is no room for social compassion when things are not going well for a while. And, in today's healthcare you are a number and it is no longer about quality but quantity.

I take your problem seriously and can help you quickly!


In the past I was often ill and I really wanted the best care without side effects later on. For me it was first to see and then to believe. So my techniques that I use really works.



After my Holos Massage Therapy (HBO) education, I started to delve more into holistic medicine. As a child, I could quickly take the pain out of my mother's knee with my hands. You can say that my fingers are very sensitive. I work very much on feeling, observation, energy, and 12 years of practical experience. I worked on thousands of clients.

Trained by amazing world teachers like Ohasi in Oriental Diagnoses and Chief Dancing Thunder in Shamanism I can say I'm honoured to share and combine my knowledge with you.


My life has been totally changed by Theta and Pranic healing. For years I suffered from low-spirited depression. I had the feeling that everyone was against me and nothing was allowed.

I preferred to hide far away in my hole. I had low expectations of myself regarding relationships, money, and success.


I was quickly upset by certain people due to old trauma from the past. My life consisted of how to avoid those people and conflicts that I was not waiting for. Which resulted in evasive behavior which of course caused dissociation with my fellow human beings.


Now I know how to make a difference and let the other in his own energy. I can now create and manifest my own dreams because I feel valuable and supported by the universe. And I don't have to avoid people anymore which makes a huge difference.

Through these techniques you can rewrite your history and finally stand in your own strength.

I did the basic, advanced and psychotherapy courses in Pranic Healing.

In Theta Healing I did the basic DNA, advanced DNA, Dig Deeper and growing your relationships with your significant other.

Further I have some basic skills of Ayurvedic Medicine and helped my family with herbs and homeopathy.


Hholistic treatmentsHolisticHo

Bekken X-Ray

Pranic Healing

Energy work by using life force energy called Prana. 

It really fasten recovery from all kind of diseases or decreasing pain levels in your body. Without touching the body. Bringing the Chakra's in balance.

                   Theta Healing

By being in contact with All that is (higher powers) I create space to investigate what is not longer serving you on a sub consciousness brain level and heal it and rewrite the emotional trauma from the past.

You can't find the right partner, having problems to be successful, abusive past etc. It open new doors in your life.






Dorn Method

This is a specialised manual vertebrae correction to get your spine back in alignment. Solve all your pain, nerve reactions and stiffness in back and neck.

A proven Holistic German technique and modified by me.

Adventure walks

My nature walks are the fuel for all my healings and creative ideas. When I'm there I'm getting involved with being in the NOW. Seeing and hearing different things while moving on a intuitive way. Finding healing herbs, wild fruit, mushrooms, minerals and many more.

Stepping out of your comfort zone and allow yourself to navigate on all your senses.




"I had an incredible session with Dennis. I felt completely uplifted and in great spirits afterward. I could feel my chakras energizing and my body reaching for balance. Highly recommended".

Lina K.

"Dennis was recommended to me as I had a persistent sore lower back after falling from my Bakfiets several months ago. Dennis came to my home, took time to massage my back and identify all of my ‘problem areas’ and work at each one of them using the Dorn method of manual massage/adjustment. No cracking or severe movements, just gentle but really effective manual correction and massage. I felt the benefits after the first session, and continued to improve with 2 more Dorn treatments. I no longer suffer back pain and I sleep comfortably. I highly recommend Dennis for anyone with back or neck pain, or for children who might be a little accident prone and perhaps would benefit from a gentle massage to align things for the better. Thank you Dennis  I am grateful to have found you". 

Ailsa Taylor

"I have had back problems for many years and have been to every type of back doctor you could imagine. Then I came across Dennis and it really has made a difference! Instead of a quick fix approach where in 15 or 30 minutes someone tries to shove the worst aligned vertebrae back into place, Dennis takes a very methodical and thorough approach, treating the whole back and making sure everything is properly aligned again. Would definitely recommend Dennis to anyone with persistent issues in their back"!

Annabelle Vos
"Dank je wel Dennis voor je compassievolle therapie. Door jouw hulp voel ik meer zelfwaardering en vertrouwen. Ik voel me echt lichter!"  Ms. A.

"I was carrying unconsciously some blocks in my body. Dennis helped me release some energy and I have been able to breathe better since. The Theta Healing opened my heart and chest. I highly recommend this practice, thank you Dennis!" -Nathalie R.


Your Health Starts Here

I don't work with health insurance companies, so that's why you'll get more attention and my full focus.

Send me a message here with your preferred day and time for a session, and we'll make it work! If you need to change an appointment do it before 30 hours. Everything between 24 hour and the appointment will be charged fully. By sickness on the same day I charge 50%.

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