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My Story

After my Holos Massage Therapy (HBO) education, I started to delve more into holistic medicine. I work very much on feeling, observation, energy, and 12 years of practical experience. As a child, I could quickly take the pain out of my mother's knee with my hands. You can say that my fingers are very sensitive.


Trained by amazing world teachers like Ohasi in Oriental Diagnoses and Chief Dancing Thunder in Shamanism I can say I'm honoured to share and combine my knowledge with you.


My life has been totally changed by Theta and Pranic healing. For years I suffered from low-spirited depression. I had the feeling that everyone was against me and nothing was allowed.

I preferred to hide far away in my hole. I had low expectations of myself regarding relationships, money, and success.


Now I know how to make a difference and let the other in his own energy. I can now create and manifest my own dreams because I feel valuable and supported. I don't have to avoid people anymore which makes a huge difference.

Through these special techniques you can rewrite your history and finally stand in your own strength and power.

I did the basic, advanced and psychotherapy courses in Pranic Healing.

In Theta Healing I did the basic DNA, advanced DNA, Dig Deeper and growing your relationships with your significant other.

Further I have some basic skills of Ayurvedic Medicine and helped my family with herbs and homeopathy.


My Approach

My work is inspired by yoga and nature walks. So you'll get a sense of peace and relaxation from me while being in the practice. My goal is to let you have an unforgettable experience based on trust and making space for you.

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