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Reconnect to your inner Power - a deep healing journey.

Have you been feeling:

exhausted, lack of energy, suffering from migraines or other chronic physical issues,
heavy, depressed, having anxiety, stress, suffering from insomnia, disconnected, emotional unstable and disconnected from your own power?

I've been working with my clients for over a decade, supporting them to heal old trauma that has been affecting them and had a negative impact on their life for years.Energy work is powerful way to shift and release blockages easily and create long term healing and well being. My clients have felt reborn, lighter and connected to their inner power.

Before the program you van have a 30 minutes free consultation on WhatsApp to let me know what your problem is and to express any other feelings you dealing with. I'll tune in if we are a match and if I can help and support you with my program.

This life changing program includes in 4 months:

*Including welcome package and questionnaire
*healings 1:1 program on Zoom calls
x theta healing 90 min.
*3x Chakra healing 45 mn.
*guided meditations
*secret exercises
*home work
*and an ongoing WhatsApp support

+bonus- 1x free 
Shamanic treatment
+bonus- free Shamanic Breath Work sessions during the program
+bonus- free nutrition and herb consultation
+1:1 intensive 90 minutes coaching session with Simona Schimanovich -Realign to your soul purpose

After the program you'll feel:
*balanced and calm
*in ease and in flow with life
*in peace
reconnected to your inner power and true strength.
*clearance about your soul purpose

Pay in full discounted price.  1790,-- euro   

or payment plan 3 x 630 euro



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