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Would you like to go on an adventure with me?

I'm offering now special trainings. Go behind your own limits and find magic close by.

Trained as a formal Marine I started to connect more and more with the beautiful nature on our planet. 8 years ago I noticed that I had some Shaman energy flowing in my system and made myself ready for some adventurous tours through some rough land scapes. I was finding great objects like special formed wood, horns of animals, mushrooms, herbs and crystals. Did some Shaman trainings as well to feel the spiritual frequency which led to new answers of myself and my ancestors.

As an observer I started to make detail photos and learned so much of my surroundings. It made me a better person and therapist.

Now I'll share my knowledge with you.
You'll get reports about how to observe - insight detail photos how to determine some plants - preparing your bush food - getting answers from animals - how to navigate in nature - making simple rituals etc..

Short trips in the parks of Amsterdam 20,- euro
Long distance trips near Utrecht or Amersfoort 40,- euro.

I'll offer some amazing learning video's as well about how to work with crystals - how to manifest - how to work with your spirit animal - (coming in the future).


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