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Are you feeling sad?

We live in a time where there is so much movements and our nerves system is constantly being triggered.

Sounds familiar?

We're travelling through mega speed and don't know anymore what is going on with my body. Ignoring signs of pain, tiredness, heaviness, loneliness etc because we need to present ourselves as multi tasking creatures.

I'm actually shocked how many women are thinking they live a part in the Stone Age like I have to do all the things for the family and in the other hand following the male energy of society to work hard and being succesful.

In old traditions there was no time, there was no targets, there was no dead lines it was all about connecting with the power within. There was a shaman to help you through all the aging stages of a human life.

It's so important to understand your emotions and to fully embrace them as a quality instead of weakness.

When I'm operating in these massage studio's I see and hear so many stories of women who are giving the power away while in their pregnancy. Going to the hospital because that's the BEST way for the baby? Are you kidding me?

I heard so many shocking stories. They tread you like a number and there is no respect for the wishes of the women.

Actually they have no connecting what's happening and living in the fear mote so I can't blame them.

What is the lesson of this story. Never listening what others are saying but start to build a relation with yourself. The more you ask questions and appreciate all what is going inside the more understanding and awareness will show up like never before.

You can speed it up or when there is a blockage to get a theta healing. It's tapping in the energy field in the moment and what's important will come up. Only if you're open to receive a healing and have the will to say I'm fully in.

The words are powerful don't estimate this. Like if you say I'm going to try it is not. You don't say this even when you have a new relationship right?

I will commit fully and have the desire to learn and to connect on a deeper level is more into the right direction.

Luckily there are movements where people are more engaged to speak much more freely and getting support from the members of the tribe, in so called communities all around the world.

And of course there are women who're really listening to their intuition, becoming examples for others.

Never give your power away!!!

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