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The power of sharing

If I look back at what I achieved in the past I can say Wow what a journey.

So proud that I continued my work even I had difficult times.

For a long time I felt not really supported and got resistance from many people.

I felt quite lost in a way. My father died when I was seven and was very aggressive and dominant.

My stepfather was an alcoholic and smoked like a factory. He was not thinking clear and gambled our house.

By having a lot of health issues I couldn't follow up so easy at school. I felt stupid and had no idea which direction I had to take.

Slowly I started to manage my life by joining the Marines. I became stronger and after my thirties I became involved with the holistic life style approach. More and more I started tuning into my intuition and started to learn new skills which made me super in balance. Just by tapping in my shadow sides and looking for old stagnated trauma I was able to change my beliefs I had. But first I had to take off my mask of there is nothing wrong with me. This is so important.

Realising how I was acting in a way was not really an approval to have abundance or success. Always in my mind and more and less in a fight and flight mote. Judging myself and others was something which needed desperately some new downloads. Suddenly I understood how I was formed by society, the news, movies and how I grown up.

It's almost if I had to find out the basics of life. Now I'm really operating from something authentic and with love. That's why I help people to change their point of views because you're a beautiful soul. If you filter out all the negative parts of you there will be only left the balanced you in total harmony and in bliss. Knowing how to navigate and to be successful.

Since a few years I know my purpose and also that the need to guide others in a holistic way is even written in my Astrology birth chart. There is no coincidence.

Spring is here now. It means you can start slowly now start to sow. You can clean your house, make a mood board and ask yourself: "What is needed to align fully and become creative like a rock star?"

I help clients to get rid of headaches, low self esteem, doubts, fear and bad habits. If you want a boost just book a healing session now and maybe you'll shine in the summer with the new YOU.

To create a lot of new energy in your body you can consider a Chakra healing and / of a Dorn Method session. It helps to open up the Kundalini in your spine.

Even a good body work out will lift you up, ready to move in excitement and freshness.

See you soon in the practise or on Zoom.

Have a beautiful day!



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