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I would like to introduce my lovely partner Simona Schimanovich.

She is an amzing spiritual business coach, Vinyasa flow yoga teacher and gathering with ladies in her moon circles.

We realised in 2021 that we need to share and collaborate more our knowledge to You.

How excited and fun to create this. We're both sensitive, spiritual, creative and have many rituals to perform in the future. It can be on Zoom or live depends of the situation.

It will bring more awareness, balance, healing and peace into your life. You'll never forget this experience.

 Winter Solstice Ceremony – The Power of Rest
Wednesday 22nd December 2021 19:00 - 20:30

ENVISION 2022 – New Year's Retreat to start 2022 in clarity & connection
Sunday 2nd January (save the date – I'll share more soon...)

Spring Awakening Retreat

23-26 May 2022 Domburg/ Zeeland

Have fun and go with flow. Let's tune in with your inner power. Magical co-creation with my lovely partner Simona Schimanovich. For some more details click on the photo..


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Cosmic Cacao Ceremony with Simona Schimanovich 17th of June 2022 at the Delight yoga studio Weteringschans 53. 18:30-20:30

I'll preparing the magic cacao. Please come to have a warming Summer Solstice. During this workshop, Simona will share her knowledge on the cosmic energies in 2022, the current moon phase, and give you astrological insights to help you navigate these times. You will learn how to follow the solar and lunar cycle to live more consciously in the rhythm of nature. In our Ceremony, we will use the beautiful medicine of Cacao, which has a gentle, nourishing and heart-opening effect. Simona will share about this tradition and guide you to invite the spirit of the Sacred Cacao and infuse the drink with your intention. Coming together in a circle, we'll share and connect with our conscious community – which is so important in these times. Simona will guide us through powerful practices and a beautiful meditation to complete the evening. Don’t forget to bring your journal and a pen.   

Dance Camp 29-31 July- Healing Garden
Healing Garden 2- 12-14 August 2022.
I'll doing Shamanic Breath Work and Sound Healing on the first and the second I'll offer a Chakra workshop. Explore more different workshops, nice food, swimming in a natural lake or just chill at the camp site. You're welcome to join!

Shamanic Breath work- regular sessions
Starting with the16th of November 2022 on 20:00-. at Zoom. 60 min including a sound healing. Price 25,- euro. 

Healing garden winter dream 3-5 februari 2023

Escape for a moment in a festival and stay in a holiday house including food and all the ceremonies.

I'll do a Shamanic breath work session each day.

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Let’s Work Together

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