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All of my holistic treatments are making you more in balance and relaxed. My work is done in a peaceful flow and with respect of each body.

Theta healing is a great way to connect with hidden suppressed emotions or negative beliefs about yourself. By asking the right questions on a deeper level, while in a Theta meditation, I can rewrite them and heal it. This will open up or clear your energy so you can move on and feel that you finally can letting go. Having the success you've always wanted, finding your soul mate, feeling in peace etc…

Theta Healing
230,- euro

Chakra healing is the perfect way to stabilise your energy. If your energy or Prana is too low or too high it will effect a curtain chakra or organs. Especially when you feel weak or say my energy is not flowing it's time to do some magic work with me. Many clients feel in bliss and in peace after the session. For more difficult health issues you'll need more sessions to come in balance.

Chakra Healing
85,- euro

The Holos Therapy
Together we're going to explore what is beneath the surface. Why do I have this complain or pain for so long? By starting to feel instead of thinking you'll get interesting results. A combination of a certain massage techniques, questions and a save place to share is helping you to listening what the body has to say.

Massage Therapy
85,- euro 60 min
Holos Therapy 130,- euro 90 min

The Dorn Method is the perfect way to get your spine in alignment by using a gentle manual approach. It will give more flexibility, rotations and a way to release back or neck pain.

Dorn Method
105,- euro

Shamanic Breath work is another way to release tension in the body. It also cleanses your body, energises and stimulates your brain functions.

Shamanic Breath Work
25,- euro

-Multiplied massage cards available 10x.    

Value 850,- and you'll can add a Dorn session when it's needed       Including WhatsApp support and a free consultation of 20 min.

-10x Dorn session

Value 1050,- and you get 1 session extra for FREE              Including WhatsApp support and a free consultation of 20 min.

When you make a booking you have to pay before hand by Tikki or by bank transfer. Cancelation is possible 1,5 day before the session starts. It's all an investment to get a magical treatment done with a lot of experience. Please notice that I don't work with the insurance compagnies. There for you receive my specialties which you'll never get in the main stream health care business. You pay for the eduction, trainings, 18 years of experience and my sensitivity, not for the minutes. When you cancel the appointment on the day of your session I need to charge the full price without exceptions.

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